Leaning Two Bit Films


Leaning Two Bit Films, Inc. is a film production company located in Oklahoma.

It is jointly owned by Don Krejsek and Amanda Ball.

It's September! It's almost time for the cattle drive. We at Leaning Two Bit Films are thrilled to be a part of this historical event. Updates from the trail will be posted at my blog.

Also starring Kathy Gray, Daniel Wilson, Fr. Mike Wheelahan, Keith Hawkins, and Khadija Ejaz.


Featuring Janet Mayson, Jo Grange-Sandoval, Tony Boeckman, Roger Christman, Ronny Pratt, Lee Frisendahl, and Boo Miller.


Special thanks to:

Ruthy Smith, Ruthy's Country Corner Cafe

Scott Downey, Downey Decal & Graphics, Inc.

for their generosity in allowing us to film in their places of business.



Music by Amanda Ball and Donald J. Krejsek



Two Bit Days tells the story of a day in the life of Ben, a cowboy who needs wide open spaces, but has to work in the city to pay for those wide open spaces.



His way of life isn't easy, but it's necessary for him to survive.  All of his friends and co-workers seem intent on fixing him up with their version of the "right" woman.  Ben's heard it all before, and the well-meaning "set ups" grate on his nerves.



But fate steps into the picture and delivers a "new woman" in Ben's small town.  He takes a chance and finds his world turned upside down, much to the amusement of the town gossips.



Two Bit Days is a slice of life comedy film about living the way we choose to live and the price we pay.  It's about the day when fate throws you a curve ball, and you can either step up to the plate, or walk away from the game.

Music video:

Mud Dog Hill

Production Stills from the movie: